Our Stories

Thinking Pictures Studios has provided "out of the box" thinking for satisfied clients worldwide. Let us help you discover new ways to engage, disrupt and invent.

Maker Mentality

It is not enough to innovate and disrupt - explore and invent.

Go Fast

Ideas can become reality in a blink of an eye. Virtual computing in the cloud, telepresence & collaboration lets us go fast.

Influence & Change

There is a social element in everything we do -- it takes precedent and shapes our success.

Think Big

The world is getting smaller. Our ideas are expanding and are limitless.

All of what we do as human beings is driven by narrative.  The products and tools we design, the services we administer, and the empathy that connects us. At Thinking Pictures Studios, the desire to reach goals beyond our imagination is the common thread behind everything we do.  We test the limits of our ideas as we develop new tools to help us produce and disseminate lasting impressions to a global audience.  We build media ecosystems that connect education, innovation and incubation and we develop software platforms and utilize microelectronics (MEMS), that will allow exploration and prototyping of the next wave of great ideas in the human revolution.  The Human/Machine Interface begins with Data Distilling and Media Forensics applied to machine learning and AI through the lens of storytelling.

The unique creative approach, insights and perspectives offered by Thinking Pictures drives their passion in solving complex business challenges. They can help you communicate better with your audience. Often they reveal your perceived challenges are simply masked opportunities waiting to elevate your business.
Raj Panjit

Raj Panjit

Chairman and CEO

"The team at Thinking Pictures are rare in the world of business, they quickly grasped the challenges that prevented us from accomplishing our goals and helped us shape a narrative around our products that connected better with clients.

Millie Ortez

Millie Ortez

Independent Artist

"We have been working through a script for a new film for nearly two years. Thank you for helping us connect with the talent we needed to move into production."

Jillian Foster

Jillian Foster

Marketing Director

"Thank you Stephan, it was a pleasure working with you and your team. We appreciated the time your team dedicated to the brainstorming process and the deep dive into our multifaceted business."

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