Project Zebra

Project Zebra is the first of its kind platform created to support young visual artists as they create and present their film and video endeavors to the public.  It is designed to allow young artists to grow, explore, be entertained, motivate and learn.  It combines studio resources, financial support and a distribution platform that allows new voices to develop their own skills while acquiring expert creative, production and financial support.

Project Zebra is for young artists - by young artists - but managed by an expert team of seasoned TV and film executives.  It is a hybrid model that combines multiple business concepts, that targets a young audience of filmmakers in need of support.   It’s a virtual “Dreamworks” studio, with a “Kickstarter” financial component and  “USC Film School” expertise, all housed within a curated digital platform for online and mobile.


PikklTheef is a webcomic ( developed by two Middle School students in Northern California.  Pikkltheef  lives in Pikklopolis where there are at least two kinds of pickles, one kind that is used for consumption and another that is used for currency.  Pikklman runs Pikklopolis and wants all the pickles to himself, and hordes them from the rest of Pikklopolis residents.  Pikkltheef with his band of friends including a robot (Pikklbot), SpoopyGhost & SneakyBirb avoid capture from Pikklcop and try to liberate all pickles equally.  Because, well --  they love pickles.

Get your original PikklTheef Merchandise soon before it runs out or runs away.

Axel & Oliver

Axel and Oliver are two animated characters developed by a high school student.  The storyline for the first in a series of Axel and Oliver Episodes, is directly inspired by the acclaimed film “My Dinner with Andre” where we listen in on a conversation over a lunch meeting between two intellectual friends.


Moonwalk is a short film under development that is entirely produced, directed, filmed, and performed by 12-15year olds.  The story takes place in a small suburban town where a young inventor test pilots a new jet pack he developed with friends in his fathers’ garage.

Dance Dance Evolution

Dance Dance Evolution is a new animated short film by a 12year old filmmaker that takes us on a journey through the Jurassic period up to the Stone Age.  The journey is viewed through the eyes of a prehistoric mud skipper forced to adapt to an evolving age.

Spring Break Shuffle on Mars

Have you ever wondered what Spring Break is like on Mars?  3D characters are brought to life through motion capture and meet on Mars to engage in an MTV-like dance-off.   Using MoonBuds (Personalized VR World & mobile AR app) kids can submit their drawings and have them transformed into 3D models and brought to life in VR (Vive/Oculus) as personal avatars & shared with friends in AR on smart devices.

Cereal Killer

Sometimes you eat your cereal, but sometimes it will eat you.  This animated short was produced, written, directed and animated by an 10 year old middle school student.  Devin sits down for the most important meal of the day only to discover things are not exactly what they seem to be.

Mombo Jumbo

This is an excerpt from a three part movie that was involved over a dozen kids from 6-10years old over a period of 2 years working on a range of crew positions, from production, direction, writing, camera operator, lighting and editing.  A redemption story that takes place in the land of jumbo.  This 3 part story involves a greedy pig named Bork who forces citizens of the big city into labor camps to mine for rare stones.  When word reaches Jumbo that their friends had been captured by Bork they leave to rescue them from Borks prison.